Why travel so far? — The good is so near.

Hi fashion lovers,

I’ve been living in Hamburg now for almost half a year, but most designers I wrote about come from other cities or countries around the world. Sometimes you should easily look around in your home town, because there might be some hidden treasures as well.
Lately I found this interesting brand called ETHEL VAUGHN and have their store in the district of St. Pauli, which is actually better known for parties, not for fashion.
Here are some impressions from their website:

Don’t miss to watch the fascinating avant-garde opening video „The Game of Things“.

The first thing that caught my eye were the guy’s boots of course, but the simple look is stunning at all.
Amazing coat — nothing more to say.

They furthermore run a Tumblr log and Facebook page as well and an online store, which unfortunately doesn’t contain all item from the collections (mainly because they’re all individual pieces).
Nonetheless I found those two pieces from the latest men’s wear collection that I truly love and (best of all) are handmade in Hamburg:

A pair of bleached shorts that could make a great summer look…

…maybe even together with this double-colored tank top.

So open up your eyes, folks! Sometimes the good things are so near!


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