What we’ll see on BerlinFashionWeek – Part IV: It’s neither Milan nor New York

Hey fashion folks,

I apologize for stopping my mini-series here for the moment, but there are several reasons for that:
1. Unfortunately I got a little bit ill (just a cold) and hope to be healthy until FashionWeek on tuesday of course.
2. There are tons of stuff to arrange in advance of FashionWeek, as sorting all invitations, print business cards, arrange schedule for shows and exhibitions and so on and so on. Please forgive me that I need a few free minutes!
3. The BerlinFashionWeek has no Givenchy, no Versace, no Prada; it’s neither Milan nor New York; but nonetheless there are really great designers we’re looking forward to see them ALL.
So simply stay in touch, fashion folks!
I’ll keep you informed directly from Berlin very soon!


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