What we’ll see on BerlinFashionWeek – Part III: Nerdy Nerd.

Hey fashion people,

here comes the third part of my mini-series about the designer shows I’ll be visiting in almost only one week. Today it comes to a very unusual (or better: awkward?) case, the London designer Steven Tai, who is this year’s special guest by Mercedes-Benz and ELLE. If you go to his homepage you might be shocked at first.
You won’t find a beautiful cover girl on the front page — no: there’s a quite nerdy looking girl with big glasses and dental braces. Tai himself might call this geeky. What wants the artist (or designer) to tell us? Beauty isn’t important? Be who you are!? You’re beautiful in any way!!?…
Might be a reading of that, but nonetheless his clothes are great. He likes to use unusual and innovative materials, technologies or accessories (e.g. pen nibs with rotation motors as seen on Triangulation blog).
I’m really looking forward for his show on Friday next week! Keep updated!


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