What we’ll see on BerlinFashionWeek. – Part I: Going international.

Hi fashion folks,

only one and a half week to go until FashionWeek in Berlin and we’re going to prepare for all the exhibitions, runway shows and events of course.
In this context I want to show you a great female designer, who will be part of this year’s FashionWeek runway schedule and that stands out a little bit from all the other so well known and more common labels.
Her name is Irina Schrotter and she’s kind of an international multi-talent. Additionally in her home country, Romania, she’s not only known as a designer, but as a TV star as well.
Here I’d like to present you my personal favorites from her latest SS 12 collection (yes, I know, it’s women’s wear, but no matter, I like):

This summer collection uses lots of lightweight and partly transparent fabrics,
so the right material for warm sunny summer days. 
The fabrics are manufactured with extravagant but clear cuts. 
Especially I love the accessories with bright or neon colors in contrast
with the white and champagne-colored pieces.
A dream with feathers!
Great shape and the right amount of cloth – that makes the summer.

So I’m really looking forward to Irina Schrotter’s next show and the whole BerlinFashionWeek and finally hope you do so, too!
See you in the capital soon!


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