TUMBLR-Moodboard #7: FLASHBACK 2013 ­­/ Wisdoms and Inspiration

Thank you for 2013 – and that we’re over it, finally. The end of a year is always a time to sum up, what the past has brought so far. I’d suggest: Go figure yourselves! See you in 2014 right here or anywhere else back again.

JANUARY: A motto of the year, possibly a life.
FEBRUARY: As a wise woman sang: „It’s money, honey…“
MARCH: An addiction (to black).
APRIL: For what it’s worth?
MAY: Back to nature. Green’s not my color.
JUNE: How black is your soul?
JULY: Do what you want. But do something.
AUGUST: Darkest desires, unobtainable wishes.
SEPTEMBER: Put on a mask. It might help.
OCTOBER: Old sketches (from) old memories.
NOVEMBER: Noone can judge if it’s right or if it’s wrong.



DECEMBER: Always keep in mind: We are infinite. ∞

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