Time for Tank.

It is no real summer outside, I know, but nonetheless at his time I have to admit, that I became addicted to tank tops. In the past years I didn’t possess any of them, than got a few for workout, but now I really love to wear them in summer for every casual occasion!
Sometimes I prefer simple ones (as on those two looks, one white and one black) or patterned ones (as the ETHEL VAUGHN one right here). But now when it comes to printed ones, I can’t really decide what might be too much or simply too rude or even offending. The reason is this: I found this british online shop, called KILL STAR CLOTHING CO, with the sonorous subtitle Total Trash Haute Couture — that totally hits it, therefore just have a look and if you like: help my decision whether to take or toss.
Thanks a lot in advance,
stay trashy!

Let’s begin with the gothic-hipster-anything one… I always have a little feeling of unease
with inverted crosses, although we were taught that it’s just fashion, which has to provoke!


Same, same with velvet leo? Although this pattern appears still wearable to me this summer.
Too hipster, to tell the world how wasted you are? Might depend on the rest of your look.


This sentence was and still is my favorite. Really had to laugh when I saw for first time.
And is this the final Advent of the Antichrist? Or just a fashion joke? But who has that good sense of humour?
The Britons obviously do.


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