Nobody wants to see that AGAIN…

Yes, I absolutely know and respect your objection, but nevertheless I HAVE TO post something about the MARNI X H&M Collection.
But what exactly are we talking about? Or better: who?
The fashion label, that has been founded by the female Italian designer Consuelo Castiglioni in 1994, has a style that the VOGUE once described as so called „European-inflected bohemianism“.
To whom this sounds a little bit suspicious, might get a better understanding after looking at the following pictures.
I present a look from MARNI X H&M on the left with a corresponding look from the original MARNI collection (latter by

Comparing: Yellow-ochre shorts. a) 39,95€ @H&M. b) 274,99€ @online.
I ponder: Mmh, left one looks like the right one after 250 times in the washing machine?!


Comparing: Shirt with dot pattern. a) 39,95€ @H&M. (Shorts 29,95€) b) 298,39€ @online.
I ponder: At least the original one got appropriate shoes and hadn’t to wear long socks in my granddad’s thongs!


Comparing: Dark synthetic parka. a) 149€ @H&M. b) 789,86€ @online.
I ponder: Who the fuck needs a parka in summer except Norwegian sailors??

As you can see: the collection is not merely simple but seems to pale into insignificance beside the VERSACE X H&M in 2011. Further it seems to be also a little bit unattractive in some way (maybe the right measure in which fashion should be?).
At least, if you prefer this minimalistic chic, you can save an enormous amount of money (in comparison with the original prices of these designer’s items) — my advice would be to do so.
And keep on waiting impatiently for the next, hopefully more innovating and inspiring designer collaboration of H&M.

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