Minimal Country — Maximum Fashion.

Hi folks,

the Netherlands are a small country, that’s a fact.
So small, that some of us would have never expected, that the people there dress, too, as we do. Additionally there are (as almost everywhere) people, who dress better and those, who design that stuff — and moreover some of them do that in an absolutely unique way!
So I give you an example with Branko Popovic. He’s not only designer, but furthermore blogger and artist.
There are some extraordinary pieces form the minimalistic TRANSFRMD*STR collection of A/W 11, which has been the first one I saw from him, that I’d like to share with you:

Very edgy cuts and mixed fabrics…

…with those great crystal-like accessories.

Translucent white synthetic materials…

…and interestingly shaped looks.

There are some additional photos on LOOKK that I couldn’t upload here, but I really would like to recommend them to you, especially these trousers and this top.
I’ve been really surprised, that this sometimes little bit GaGa-looking and so sophisticated looking men’s fashion comes from a small country like Netherlands.



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  1. OMG. I just want to have all of them in my closet right now.
    Fuck of Versace, Chancel, etc pp, new & mostly unknown designers are pushing fashion onto new levels. This collection has what I takes to change the picture of men's fashion.
    Just Stunning.

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