Looking/ Thinking out of the box.

Hi dear readers,

while I spent Easter Sunday mostly with reading, I found this interesting article about the three most influential blogs from the UK.
They all have a very special subject they focus on:
The first one, Retro Chick, is made of lots of retro pictures and vintage outfits, composed by the great looking Gemma Seager.
The second one, Catwalk Queen, contains far more up-to-date celebrity news, gossip and the latest covers and articles from the most famous fashion magazines. A good way to stay tuned with all the stuff from the fashion planet.
An last but not least there is the Better Never Than Late men’s fashion blog, created by Ollie Olanipekun, who has an eye on casual trends, as well as the hippest pieces from art and music.
So feel free tho have a look/ thought outside of the box while enjoying holidays!


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