In the land of gold and octopuses. —

If you know me, you should have recognized that I rarely love a designer’s collection on the whole. But this time it’s different. I was amazing and really, really — and I’m saying this without any crazy aggrandizement — overwhelmed. The collection I’m talking about is the SS13 by KATIE EARY (who you might remember from my Britain again — London calling? post).
But I won’t lose any further words about it: see it yourselves!

Katie Eary keeps the trend from this year’s SS collections with the
allover-prints, but goes further by mixing them up in a totally grandiose way.
She adds great accessories as the golden necklaces and
white (sometimes golden studded) sneakers…
…and skateboards. Never seen that on a runway lately. Definitely on of
the must haves for me. Some prints look a little like VERSACE…
…but I think they would never have used fish scales as pants…
…or octopuses as jackets in combination with golden fish prints and ornaments.
All this together it makes a perfect collection in my opinion.

Now there’s only the waiting time, until those pieces hit the stores. As told in the previous post it’s a little bit difficult to get them, but for this stuff I would do almost everything (except killing probably — or would I?…).
See you soon back for more, especially with details on upcoming BerlinFashionWeek!

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