In the beginning were shoes.

Hi my dear readers,

as you can now read everywhere there is a fashion trend rising, that’s often called Proll Chic.
(Recently both of my favorite men’s fashion blogs wrote about it: Dandy Diary and Fucking Young!, which first and foremost take William Richard Green as the latest leading designer of this style).
It’s a vogue that makes a street and youth culture decent that has been damned for many, many years.
I presume it all began with a pair of shoes: the influential NIKE AIR MAX, which have always been worn by the chavs (the English synonym for the German Proll), but step by step made their way into fashion business (lately more or less all bloggers, I follow, own at least on pair).
Unfortunately it may be hard to decided which to choose, because there are several, slightly different models of the NIKE AIR MAX and I’d like to present you a few of them, that might be fashionable, indeed:

At first: the normal NIKE AIR MAX 90 in dark, plain colors. Easy to match to other pieces.
Second the AIR MAX 90 LE in wine-red. I think a great color, too, and suitable for most looks as well.

Subtle more conspicuous: same model in neon yellow…

…same as the Classic AIR MAX BW…

… but which is also available in a more simple color combination, too.

But if you are really cool, you can design your own pair with NIKE iD, as I did for you as an example for thousands of material and color customizations.

So when do you buy your first one? Stay cool, but not too chavvy!


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