In floral shorts, as sweet as May… — Part II.

Hi beautiful people,

the great advantage if you’re doing a blogpost and focussing on a specific topic, you will go through the world an be confirmed in what you have written (a great feeling). Therefore I’d like to enhance my spring post about the floral men’s fashion with some nice new pictures that crossed my way:

The Norwegian blogger Marc Kandziora is really into this look.
Found these beautiful flower outfits on his Lookbook
…and his blog on Blogspot.

Even our all most favorite Blog Dandy Diary is totally in love with this flowery shirt from Soulland.

And in the end the latest L’Officiel Hommes, which I bought last week,… 
…has dedicated a long article to the question how to wear Hawaiian shirts…
…and presented a double-page photo series about the arcadian prints by GIVENCHY,…
…KENZO an others.

As you see: spring is finally there!
So keep it blossoming!


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