In floral shorts, as sweet as May… — Part I.

Hi my dear,

what’s the most obvious thing that assures you that it’s spring time?
Indeed: it’s that you see floral fabrics everywhere. There can be 20 degree outside for weeks — spring starts not until then the first floral designs are worn on the streets.
It has to be emphasized that this trend is absolutely not for women only: especially in this season men are also allowed (or forced?) to wear flowers almost in every possible combination.
Just to share a few impressions and examples round the globe and fashion industry with you:

At first: my all time favorite. THE Givenchy print ever.
This must be paradise, indeed.
Found this shirt on

The Vietnam based singer and stylist Takej Minh Huy in cute pastel „flow3r“ shorts.
Stylish and not tacky at all.
Found him and his looks on

Pelayo from at the Aldo Store opening in London.
Although it’s a Céline women’s jacket, he proves that he’s got a quite good sense for style and fashion trends.

Last and possibly least: H&M surfs the same wave with this shirt from their Conscious Collection.
Floral ornaments, okay, but this looks a little bit more like leaves in fall.
So I hope you’ll al find something nice flowery pieces for the upcoming warmer spring days.
Go with the bloomy trend — or otherwise ignore this post!

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