FashionUpdate: The MBFWB S/S 2013 looks. Part IIIa – Living overestimation.

Hey fashion people,
the Friday on FashionWeek has been a very eventful day. We had four shows to visit and all the exhibitions in between.
In the morning we were awaked by the cockcrow of Anja Gockel’s show (no, that’s not a joke actually). You ought to know, that I rarely speak severe sentences about designers, but this show (and the following press release) I would describe with only one word: overestimation. The clothes were not downright nauseous, but partly looked like H&M or ZARA chic. Nevertheless here are three pictures of the some of the better pieces (I spare you the lipstick-print stuff, that was truly spoken not my favorite):
Our lovely Rebecca in a quite wearable paper-streamer-print dress. Later she wore a nice simple black dress.
Carnival on runway; all models were wearing an Anthurium as a hat.
These pictures are from
I really liked the color of the dress in front – but please forget about the skirt in the background.
The second show was called LOST PARADISE by Marc Philippe Coudeyre, a Belgian designer (who gave away Guylian chocolate and nougat by the way), and took place in the smaller studio instead of the runway. That means that there was no walk or performance, only the models standing there, willing to be photographed. The cool thing was the live music by the way. Here come the impressions:
Sweet Caribbean-like melodies, flowers in the hair and beautiful models – looked a bit like holiday.
A beautiful look in smooth yellow – simple but nice.
The paradise prints couldn’t have been missing – you know that I’m in love with those prints…
… to be continued

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