TUMBLR-Moodboard #7: FLASHBACK 2013 ­­/ Wisdoms and Inspiration

Thank you for 2013 – and that we’re over it, finally. The end of a year is always a time to sum up, what the past has brought so far. I’d suggest: Go figure yourselves! See you in 2014 right here or anywhere else back again.

JANUARY: A motto of the year, possibly a life.
FEBRUARY: As a wise woman sang: „It’s money, honey…“
MARCH: An addiction (to black).
APRIL: For what it’s worth?
MAY: Back to nature. Green’s not my color.
JUNE: How black is your soul?
JULY: Do what you want. But do something.
AUGUST: Darkest desires, unobtainable wishes.
SEPTEMBER: Put on a mask. It might help.
OCTOBER: Old sketches (from) old memories.
NOVEMBER: Noone can judge if it’s right or if it’s wrong.



DECEMBER: Always keep in mind: We are infinite. ∞

From Russia with Love. XX

We would never have supposed such cold countries as Denmark or Russia, where clothing mainly has to be practical, to be outstanding metropoles of fashion a few .
But in times of globalization that has changed very much.
Therefore I’d like to give a look to my favorite pieces from Ager Juel Larsen’s AW 2012/13 collection next to some beautiful pictures I had the possibility to take during my stay at St. Petersburg last week.

Fur and leather are coming back in extraordinary cuts. That’s simply beautiful.
So is the view from the waterside on the central island of St. Petersburg.


This outfit will keep you warm, no matter how much snow you’ll have to expect.
As seen in front of the Summer Palace in Puschkin (Zarskoje Selo).


Asger Juel Larsen shows all the greatness of style with his coats.
So does the chandelier above the representative staircase in Jusupov’s Palace.


A masterpiece of swatches and fabrics. My favorite outfit, to be honest.
A masterpiece as well is the painted ceiling in the Hermitage.


And finally the Royal Red (that makes a great combination with the leather by the way).
Same color as the throne of the Tzar. A combination of tradition and modernity.

Hope you got a few impressions for the next winter — but until then enjoy the spring & summer temperatures here.
See you soon,