Britain again – London calling?

I’d like to share a few impressions from an awesome London designer with you, which I found via an ad in the latest issue of HERO magazine.
Her name is Katie Eary and her menswear is simply astonishing. Here are the pieces from the SS12 and AW12/13 which are my absolute favorite ones (although some pictures aren’t that great quality, in my opinion, but this is what I found on her webpage):

SS12: Simply innovative new prints, that possibly might be a little homage to AMcQ.
This transparent top catched my eye first; easy to match with everything!
Rich golden jacket and interesting fabric for the black pants.
AW12/13: silk oversized shirt in combination with fur coat. Finally black comes back!
The crocodile leather coat is most impressing! Looks so precious!

Unfortunately the digital pop-up-store isn’t open yet and the only stockists in Europe are all based in London or Belgium yet and buying online seems online be possible from the Asian shop ­– nevertheless this stuff is cool and absolutely worth to be in a men’s (or better: my) wardrobe.
Looking forward to see more from her (here you can find the interesting story about her career by the way)!

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